Sustainable League X Podcast

Sustainability is about bringing intention back into everything that we do.

It’s about building resilient relationships and infrastructure so that we can continue to have a habitable planet and mitigate unnecessary suffering. ‪

Sustainability is a mindset that should encompass everything that we do.

Our mental & physical health, our relationships, the impact that we have on the environment and the humans around us.‬

Sustainable League is a podcast introducing you to the people making an impact in their own way and exploring what it really takes to build a more sustainable world.

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Sustainable League Ep. 28: What the Hux?

Would you offer $33 TRILLION worth of your services for free? Nature does annually. Probably closer to $50 trillion at this point as this was according to a study done over 20 years ago.

Ecosystem services are the economic services that nature provides for free. Think regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide, fertile soils, timber, water… on and on. We are not capable of recreating these ecosystem services yet, so we better take care of nature for her continued support. This is one of the many reasons why we do what we do at Hux Sustainables.

This week on #SustainableLeague, I chatted with one of our #consultants, Katherine Martin.

At Hux, we are focused on strategizing and implementing initiatives that will reduce your company’s carbon footprint and have a greater impact socially.

🌿Many #sustainable solutions we create will either save money or create a new revenue stream.

🌿”Think global, act local.”

🌿You don’t have to change everything all at once, start with one thing and go from there.

🌿Small actions have a huge impact. Think composting, recycling, reusable bags, not using straws or single use plastics, reducing meat consumption, etc.

You can check us out at Hux Sustainables and feel free to send an inquiry-always down to talk solutions.

Sustainable League Ep. 27: Let's Talk Empowerment

I met Katie Zeppieri through serving on PickWaste’s board together. Just one conversation with her and you just get it.

She is a powerhouse speaker (check out her Ted talks), inspiring founder, and an author. Katie is the Founder and “Chief EMPOWERMENT Officer” at GIRL TALK Empowerment an organization that inspires, empowers, and mobilizes girls to become world-changers. They host events, partner with charities, provide #education & resources, and have chapters all over the world to spur action that makes a difference in the lives of others.

🌿“#Empowerment is the key word to #sustainability, it is the difference between a handout and a hand up.”

-Katie Z.

🌿You don’t have to come up with some massive, complicated solution to save the world. Start with what is happening in your own life and community.

🌿UN’s SDG #1 No Poverty: There is power in investing in women, family planning, education, access to information all contribute to ending the cycle of poverty.

🌿UN’s SDG #4 Quality Education: Girls, more than boys are not in school on an international level. Each year a person is in school—income increases and the health of your family increases according to many studies.

I recommend checking them out and get involved if you’re feeling it!

Sustainable League Ep.26: Bees, Keys, & Marketing...Conscious Leadership

I have experienced some poor examples of leadership in my working history.

Are you a conscious leader?

#SustainableLeague Ep.26: Conscious Leadership with Stephanie Armstrong, President at BiQi Marketing 🐝🔑

BiQi Marketing uses a holistic digital strategy when helping entrepreneurs and small businesses experience the kind of growth that used to be reserved only for corporations with big budgets. Marketing is their craft, but what gives them purpose is helping the people and companies that are giving back to the community and the world- to be successful.

🌿 Conscious Leaders: cultivate their self awareness, practice extreme ownership, bring intentionality into everything they do, are transparent & vulnerable.

🌿 Your purpose is your reason for being, your craft is how your purpose manifests itself.

🌿 “Our economy used to be transactional, it is now relational.” Focus on cultivating relationships.

🌿 If you want to change the world, change yourself.

Call to action: Let’s get organized. For anyone working to make the world a better place-we are primed to make an incredible impact.

If you are a conscious leader, social entrepreneur, conscious capitalist, or however you identify; join their webinars or in person leadership workshops. Connect with Stephanie for more info!

Thank you to Judd Laurie Productions!

Sustainable League Ep.25: Going Beyond Greenwashing

Did you know that exceeding global warming beyond 1.5C will signal certain catastrophe and as of now, we are on track for 4C by the end of the century?

#SustainableLeague Ep 25: Going beyond greenwashing with Russ Avery of Russ Avery Consulting ltd.

Russ Avery is the Sustainability Marketing Guy. He works with impact driven companies, organizations, and charities to effectively communicate their services and to tell their stories. Helping them to win more clients and continue their missions of saving the world.

🌿Skip the greenwashing and just make an impact. You will spend more money trying to hide wrong doings or claim being green than you would actually making an impact.

🌿Educate yourself on the companies that you’re supporting with your dollars. Every purchase is a vote for the kind of world you want.

🌿Communication is key for purpose driven organizations. The better you communicate your services, the more clients you will have.

🌿There is HUGE amount of purchasing power between Millennials and GenZ and it’s aimed at using their dollars to make an impact.

🌿Get creative on how you can contribute to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals!

If your company needs marketing in the sustainability arena-reach out to Russ!

If your company or event needs help strategizing sustainability initiatives-reach out to me!

Thank you to Judd Laurie Productions!

Sustainable League Ep.24: Cornbread Hustle

What does cornbread have to do with hustling?

#SustainableLeague Ep. 24: Cornbread Hustling with Cheri Garcia.

Cornbread Hustle is a staffing agency that provides opportunity, #education, and community to help guide those looking to re-invent themselves for long-term #sustainability, happiness and success. Cheri has had an interesting run from translating a dark past into the entrepreneurial world to PR for Mark Cuban Companies to advocating for second chances.

🌿From United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals: #4 Quality Education “By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship”

🌿Stop living someone else’s dream. From the time we can even talk, we are inundated with other’s ideas of what we should be when we grow up. Take the time to find out what you truly want out of life and what success means to you.

🌿The way to transform the world is to transform yourself.

🌿It’s never too late to change your life, be it a career change or hitting your bottom.

Definitely check them out and get connected with Cheri to get notified about weekly workshops and some awesome networking events!