who we are.

 If a sustainability consultancy and a creative agency fell in love and had a baby, Hux Consulting would be that baby.

Companies now face empowered and connected consumers with access to infinite amounts of information. This is the digital age and the green revolution. Consumers are demanding ethical, responsible, and values driven businesses.

We help impact driven and environmentally/socially responsible companies and organizations grow through sustainable initiatives, creative strategies, and social media marketing + management.

We take on social and environmental issues, donating a portion of each project to organizations that address the root of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We make it easy for companies and consumers to make an impact and to have fun while doing it. With each company that we help operate more sustainably, we are moving closer to our goal of a more sustainable world.

our team.


FOUNDER + CONSULTANT. Katie is an international speaker, 2x founder, and social entrepreneur harnessing the power of business for social good. She is a board member for PickWaste, an organization that is aimed at addressing the root of the world's waste issue. Katie also serves as CEO for Hux’s non profit homeless empowerment and employment partner, Rebranding. Beyond that, she hosts The Sustainable League, an online series highlighting the superheroes of the sustainable realm and giving tangible action items to start building towards a more sustainable world.

When I was presented with an ultimate opportunity to partner with my dream company, Katie dropped everything and came to my rescue! She knew how important it was to me, believed in me and my vision and crafted an authentic sustainability policy. She shared her knowledge and resources to identify opportunities for my business to make a greater, positive impact on our environment. Katie is an industry expert
— Amber Peay, Granola Grown
Katie Wallace is an incredible speaker! Her words and vibrant presence gave our conference such a unique flair. She lights up the room and captivated our audience with her knowledge into sustainable housing and also her story. She had us all sold on her why. She is a true inspiration and an amazing role model! I highly recommend Katie!!
— Emily Springer, MyMiniCasa



CONSULTANT. Katherine's love for sustainability was cultivated by her involvement in the Human Environmental Animal Team (H.E.A.T.) while at Texas State University. After graduating with her B.S.in chemistry, her passion for the environment led her to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi where she studied microplastic pollution in the Mississippi River and received her M.S. While in Corpus Christi, she worked with the 2018 Youth Sailing World Championship taking on event planning and sustainability reporting.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
— Robert Swan



MARKETING CONSULTANT. Russ is a marketer who specialises in supporting responsible businesses and purpose-driven organisations. After working as the in-house marketer for two corporate sustainability consultancies over a six-year period, Russ decided it was time to go it alone. Sustainability-focused businesses, third-sector, social enterprises, charities... whatever the on-trend nomenclature, he started Russ Avery Consulting to support and grow organisations that make a difference to our beautiful planet. In the last 10 years, Russ has built sustainable brands from nothing into major players in their markets.

An organisation, however noble its mission, is nothing without a strong identity, a plan, and advocates to carry its message. Even for businesses with purpose - no, especially for businesses with purpose - marketing must never be an afterthought.



COMMUNICATIONS & CONTENT CONSULTANT. Jaime is a communication and content expert, speaker, and founder of #TheRightWords. She works with executives, top influencers, and organizations to create powerful stories that resonate. Jaime teaches her clients to use an economy of words and most importantly to use words that sound natural coming from them. She is passionate about empowering others to create strong, sustainable relationships; strong messaging, and strong dialogue.